When will the game be done


Started making FPS ASSAULT June 7th

FInish mabe some time mid summer.

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I'm a title



What is FPS ASSAULT?? FPS ASSAULT is a first person            shooter made in unity 3d free by a one man team so i guess thats not a team but what ever it sounded cool. 

Whats up this month


FPS ASSAULT is going to be a free to play first person shooter game made in all free programs so I can make it free for you guys to play. The modes are going to be, co op,multi play,instant action,and zombie apocalypse. The modes for multi play will be, team death match,One man army. So far.Im trying to set up at least 20 weapons will all different damage, rate of fire, portability, range, and so on.

Last updated 9/5/2014

It been a long time since I have updated this site but a lot has happend since then. I am now using photon networking and that has worked out very well for me so far. Pictures comming soon.